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Visitors to Egypt are creating a booming demand for property. To a greater extent, investors are choosing to place their money in Egypt due to the very low costs of property and the excellent appreciation rates that look set to continue over the next few years, along with the consistent predicted increase in demand. Good returns (some areas reaching figures of 15% and above), low taxes, foreigners able to buy, own and sell Egyptian property. Also, certain factors have made Egypt a much more attractive option, such as a lower currency, excellent rental returns. Egypt has the lowest price per square meter in the Middle East, starting at only US$406 per square meter.

Yields in Cairo vary from district to district, with the desirable Maadi district offering the most attractive figures ranging between 10% to 17%. Some developers in Egypt advise that higher yields of 14% (for example) may be attainable but guarantee a lower rate of around 5%.

Sharm El Sheikh is the most popular tourist holiday spot in Egypt, drawing in the younger end of the tourist scale with its reputation as a fun resort with a lively nightlife. The extraordinary waters of the Red Sea offer some of the best diving in the world and are revered amid the diving community. With its own international airport, Sharm El Sheikh is easily accessible from major European capitals. With so many developments situated in and around Sharm El Sheikh, there is a wealth of property to choose from. Three bedroom apartments are available from £120,000, and it is not unusual for the use of central resort amenities to be included in the purchase price.

South-west of Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea Riviera is Hurghada, once a small fishing village but now an up market tourist destination that attracts a stream of Europeans and Americans, and also visitors from other Arab states. Property ranges from cheaper town-centre apartments, popular with divers on shoe-string budgets, to wealthier, luxurious 'tourist villages', such as El Gouna. El Gouna is a purpose built, self-contained and self-sustainable complex built on 10 kilometers of coastline, with 14 hotels, a large marina, a mature golf course and a population of around 10,000. Villa prices on the new developments can range between £170,000 and £600,000.


The property market in Cairo is developing rapidly with a focus on the luxury end of the market to cater for the increasingly wealthy Egyptian classes and generate inward revenue. Satellite cities -especially New Cairo- outside Cairo offer a cleaner, healthier and often updated lifestyle with land prices starting from around £200 per square meter.


When it comes to sunshine, history and value for money Egypt is hard to beat. For the past five years the country has not only become a top destination for tourists but also for buyers wanting to own in an exotic location not too far from the Europ. With flight times of around 2-4 hours and stacks of Egypt property for less than EUR 100,000, Egypt is proving one of the most popular second-home hotspots.

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