Firm History Means a lot

Continuity of our firm with excellent reputation for more than 55 years means a lot. In the past decades, we have seen many firms come into the market and leave it in a few years. Some of them expanded so fast but they couldn't support its expansion. Others arrived to compete with the ancient firms but they couldn't continue to compete. We've seen time and time again that even with strong support and great ideas, many competitors underestimate the amount of work expertise required to successfully run an accounting firm. At the end, lack of experience eliminates these firms.
When selecting an Accounting firm for your Company, the importance of experience in Business cannot be underestimated.
For more than 55 years, FKCO has been helping businesses succeed. Our strength lies in our depth of services, consultative abilities and our Beyond-the-Bottom-Line mentality. In providing these services we are constantly building the relationships to partner our clients in the journey to their financial success.
We spent all these years gaining experience and expertise from advising our clients on all issues concerning their financial affairs. We are a firm whose concept of service is to solve problems, exploit opportunities and turn advice into action. Our style is personal and our outlook progressive. We continually strive to create value for our clients. It is why we are now one of the top accounting firms in Egypt.

 Fathy Kamel and Co. was founded in 1955 by Mr. Fathy Kamel. Since, Mr. Fathy Kamel has believed in fostering an environment for our clients and staff based on respect and trust. He give the example of providing clients a very special care, responding to their demands with a focus on integrity, responsiveness, and a commitment to technical excellence.
Highlights of Mr. Fathy Kamel's Career:
Obtained a Bachelor of Commence (majoring in Accounting) from Ein Shams University in 1947.
Worked as an accounting expert inspector at the Ministry of Justice 1947-1952.
Obtained a Masters degree in Taxation (Ein Shams University in 1952).
Professor of accounting and taxation (Ein Shams University).
Sworn in as expert before courts in bankruptcy cases in 1954.
Founded Fathy Kamel & Co in 1955.
Fellowship of the Egyptian auditing, accounting and taxation societies.
Appraisal expert 1957.
Directed, coordinated and candied multi-disciplinary teams of professionals in many sectors in Egypt and several Arab countries such as Kuwait and Libya.
Interviewed by media to give opinions on taxation matters such as El Mesawar magazine and Egyptian channel 3.

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